Friday, April 5, 2013

Sisterhood Adventures & Chips Drenched in Butter

by Ann

Sister – gives several options for its definition:
1.  a female sibling.
2.  a female friend or protector regarded as a sister.
3.  a thing regarded as feminine and associated as if by kinship with something else.

Sisterhood -- whether it be my two wonderful siblings or my many friends from the various aspects of my life (work, family, community involvement, book club, childhood pals, etc.), it is one of the things I treasure most.   Friendships are top priority in my life, so I do everything I can to keep them going – which leads to fun adventures!  In fact, the Friendship, Life and Style blog is the result of a wild-haired, friends-gotta-try-something new idea.

A couple of weekends ago I went on a short road-trip to Globe,  a small copper (one of Arizona’s 5 C’s) mining community  with my friend Sue to eat Mexican food, shop, and catch up.  There are several “Sue friends” in my life including a sibling -- Susan was such a popular name in our era.  In fact, I have been to Globe with three of the Susans on similar outings.  It’s only about an hour and a half drive; just enough time to get caught up on the gossip.

Downtown -- on "Broad Street" -- where all the action is!
This trip included a special treat that we hadn't known about prior to our trip – a vintage trailer “home tour” of about 20 mini mobile homes owned by members of Sisters on the Fly, an organization that I’d read an article about in Sunset magazine, but didn't realize was as big as it is until talking to these fascinating ladies.  I urge you to check out their website.  A couple of “real sisters” from Montana and their adventurous mom enjoyed fly fishing and outdoor activities so much that in 1999 they started the organization that has since grown to over 2,400 members with the goal of “Bringing women together to challenge themselves to be all they are capable of being.”  The group hosts a myriad of activities throughout the year that members can take part in; most of them outdoorsy, but include wine tasting events, which certainly caught my interest!  When Sue and I talked to one of the members in Globe, she said that the only rule was that for the events there were no men, children, or dogs allowed – that the only thing members had to take care of was themselves.  (However, when I checked out the website, I saw that that rule is broken for some of the events.)
The vintage trailers are cute, and make for great publicity and "home tours" but is only one mode of travel and lodging.  The site made it clear that it is not a requirement to own a trailer, and that in fact many members sleep in hotels or bed and breakfasts on get-aways.

Most of the homes had a theme --
This one was all about the wild west -
Perfect for Globe!!

Don't know that I'm convinced it would
be safe t
o cook in a place so small ,
but I guess it's ok....

Back to Sue’s and my original purpose – Mexican food and shopping!  My first teaching job was on the San Carlos Apache Indian reservation about twenty five miles outside of Globe, where I lived.  Globe is a very old, western, “rustic” town where no one dresses up because there isn't anywhere fancy to go.  The lifestyle is laid back and the cost of living is low.  Almost all of the restaurants serve Mexican food, and it is very authentic, delicious, and absolutely filled with fat grams!  In fact, the thing I look most forward to is corn tortilla chips served drenched in melted butter.  (Don’t knock it until you've tried it – it’s a true taste sensation!)

Me digging into the chips with butter!  YUM!!  (Sue declined her photo opp)
The food had arrived!  Following lunch Sue suggested an "after" picture, which I declined, not wanting to show that we ate it allllllll......
When I lived in Globe there were few shopping opportunities other than for groceries and sundries, but Phoenix was a relatively short drive.  Since then the town has striven to become an old mining town tourist destination, which has led to a couple of very fun boutiques, art galleries, and attractions.

About four years ago one of the other Sues in my life introduced me to Patty, her old college roommate who owns the boutique “Pretty Patty Lou’s”.  Since that first trip I have made a point of going to her shop at least once a year because her stock is unique and most of it is made in the U.S., which results in  the clothing being more expensive than department store options, but it is definitely worth it!  There is another cute shop named “Simply Sarah” that another must-stop spot.
Pretty Patty Lou's boutique on Broad Street -- Heck -- almost everything is on Broad Street!
Whether it is shopping, blogging, supporting one another in time of need, or eating chips drenched in butter, the power of sisters, blood-related or not, cannot be overestimated.  I value and appreciate each of the women who have touched my life.  I am also grateful to the readers of our blog who I will never meet, but know that we share many of the same goals, values, challenges and victories.  Here’s to sisterhood!


  1. Yes -here's to sisterhood! I am really enjoying your blog. The variety of your posts is enjoyable and entertaining. Thank you!

    1. Thanks for reading our blog! We enjoy having as much freedom as we have given ourselves to write about anything that we think women like us would enjoy hearing about.

  2. I heard through the media the other day that Americans don't eat meat pies and I was shocked. In New Zealand it is as common as a burger but tastes so much better! My reaction as a Kiwi to corn chips in butter is much the same as an Americans to meat pies. No thank you. I couldn't think of anything worse! Your girlie day out on the other hand sounds fun and I would love poking through those vintage caravans!

    1. Americans do eat meat pies -- I just don't think we call them the same thing that other countries do. We definitely have our chicken pot pies that truly are like traditional pies in a pan, but also in our area there are a few restaurants that specialize in pasties, which are probably more like what you are accustomed to. As for the buttered chips -- that is definitely the exception, not the rule. Most Americans would be put off by that concept as well. Thanks for reading our blog!

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