Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pack for Travel; Make Your Plan

by Sheila
I could travel for at least 5 days with this collection

Are you ready for a break? Need a little adventure? We all do every now and then. Get that trip scheduled and then look no further for some tips on packing for your get-away. I prefer to travel as light as possible, making it easy to get on and off trains, planes and automobiles. To avoid schlepping lots of bags around while you are on the road, here are some suggestions for traveling light.

First, list the actual activities you will be doing. Are you touring wine country? Riding bikes through the countryside? Does your itinerary include hiking or sightseeing? Will you be attending an event that requires dressing up? Think this last one through very carefully. If you are attending a wedding, that's one thing, but do you really want to get dolled up to go out to dinner? Frequently people bring dressy clothes on vacations and never wear them. This is further complicated by your choice of shoes. If it is really important to you, then plan on it but if not, reconsider.

Don't forget to check the weather. I know this seems obvious, but as a flight attendant I often talk with people that didn't bring a jacket and it's raining, or no sandals and it's 90+ degrees. Seriously? That being said, plan to layer. I always bring a tank top, sweater of some sort and lightweight jacket that will layer over my tops, allowing me to adjust to the climate.

Now for the specifics. Activity list in hand, think about what you actually need for this trip. List any specialty items first, such as a bathing suit, hiking shoes & backpack, etc. From there, add in your basics. I select items that can be worn with more than one thing. I don't bring "outfits" that include clothing that will only go with each other. To be honest, I don't own outfits that only go with each other. I never leave home without jeans - consider length & heel height for shoes you plan to bring. I love the newer skinnies, cuz you can leave them longer or roll them up and they go with all shoes, from tennies to heels! It is worth finding a pair that fit you perfect. Go for a dark wash without all the "fading" and wear marks - these you can dress up or down. Here are the items I would likely pack for a long spring weekend get-away:

NYDJ Jeans from Nordstrom.  Love the option to roll them up or leave them down - great option with skinnies!

Wear for travel; skinny stretch jeans, tank (if it's warm), sweater (if it's not), and cute scarf for a pop of color that doubles as a pillow or picnic cloth in a pinch - love that!  Shoes that slip off easy in security...

White capri jeans
white t-shirt
Denim jacket
accent colored tank top
accent color long sleeved sweater
accent color print scarf
Khaki skort (I can ride a bike in this, or dress it up as a casual skirt)
Black Capri workout pants
Workout top
Swimsuit (doesn't take up much room, and that hotel jacuzzi might entice you)
khaki platform sandals (comfy, but a little dressier)
White Keens (casual athletic)

Shoes: This is always one of the hardest parts. I always bring a comfortable pair of walking shoes ("cute" tennies, or my latest fave; Sperry Topsiders). Also a thin "flip-flop" which can go to the beach, pool, or down the hall to get ice. I will likely also have a fashion shoe that will go with everything else (cute, but still comfy sandals?)

Accessories; I don't bring lots of jewelry on the road, but a few fun things for variety don't take up much room and can change your look, dressing it up or down. Think about scarves, belts, bling that can give you variety without bulk.

Lay this all out in one place and double check that you have the basics. If it seems you can pare down further, I suggest you leave more at home. This way you'll have room for that fun new sweater or beautiful scarf you find in your travels.

Casual white capris & striped T with sweater
White capris with black tank, denim jacket and scarf
White capris with long sleeved gauze beaded top and scarf
Sexy green silk top (Bloomingdale's thrifted from Goodwill - love that!) with skinny jeans and scarf

Khaki skort, sport tank & denim jacket (also from Goodwill - how can you go wrong with Levi's brand?)

Skort, Striped T and denim
Skinny jeans (NYDJ dark wash - can be left long or rolled up), white T, black sweater, scarf and mules
These are just a few of the combinations I could wear from these items.  Lots of options from casual to dressy - I am ready for anything!

Check out my other posts on travel, if you are interested, and check in on upcoming Wednesdays this month for more travel ideas. Thanks for reading and have a great trip!


  1. Love this post and seeing how you put together minimal items for a short trip. I'm going on a 4 day in a couple of weeks and am trying to pack as lightly as possible.

  2. wow.. great tips.. ive been travelling a lot nowadays and i just realize that i can make it more convenient.