Thursday, August 8, 2013

Brighter Eyes

by Ann
School started yesterday.  It's amazing how wonderful and well-rested teachers look throughout the summer and at the very beginning of the school year.  A tell-tale sign of being worn out as the school year progresses is dark circles under the eyes.  I have been out of the classroom for eight years now, so don't have the wear and tear of 150 teenagers a day to blame the bags under my eyes, but heck, I'm eight years older and that's probably the reason I still have the complaint!
On June 18 I did a product review post for a great product, Ageless Derma Eye Cream after using it for two weeks.  I mentioned that I would do a follow-up at the eight-week point, which is now.  One of the things that I have loved about this product is that my eyes are extremely sensitive to many ingredients and fragrances that are included in eye creams, but the Ageless Derma never created a tear.  Additionally, by using it twice daily the area around my eyes seems moist, tighter, and a bit brighter. Are the dark circles gone 100%? Sorry to say, "no."  And yet I have learned to be realistic.  Within the last year I had two laser treatments to zap the pigmentation out of an age spot on my cheek (darn that sun exposure and old age), and yet the spot reappeared.  

With that said, the remaining hints of darkness under the eyes and the offending age spot can be masked with the other product I am sharing with you today.  I did not solicit a freebie -- the Benefit "Erase Paste"  is a product that I purchase and would recommend to anyone who wants a full-coverage concealer.  I am on my second package of it, and I'd estimate that the first one lasted six months.  The consistency is tackier and denser than a liquid concealer, but a little goes a long way and my foundation has worked well with it.

When I was talking about this post to a dear friend of mine at work she said that the "before" and "after" pictures would tell the story.  I'm not that brave.  Nor have I been trained to have a sour expression for a "before" picture, so you will have to take my word for it that the after picture would show a significant improvement.

Bottom line -- We do what we can to look as good as we can with the amount of time and financial resources that we want to devote to our appearance.  Both of these products are well within a teacher's budget, and last a long time.  I have used the eye cream regularly twice daily for eight full weeks and it is not nearly empty.  Although it was given to me free as a sample product, I would buy it again without hesitation.

Cheers to..
Being the best we can be, and not worrying about perfection!


  1. Oh I so desperately need the concealer, I'm a huge fan of Benefit! Cheers to that sweetie!

    Cee. ♥
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