Friday, May 24, 2013

AZ Bike Week

by Heather

One of the events I most look forward to each year is Arizona Bike Week. 
It's a full week of motorcycle-related activities held at that time of year 
here in Scottsdale, Arizona, 
when the sun is shining and the temperatures are balmy -- 
cool mornings and nights 
but gloriously warm temperatures during the days. 
Perfect for riding our motorcycles!
We attend as many events as our work schedules will allow and sometimes we'll take vacation days during this time just to enjoy the partying. 
We're always ready for friends and family to join us 
so we're usually traveling with a small crowd gang.

Day One:

Kick-Start Party at

Buddy Stubbs Harley Davidson dealership

It's noon and the party is just getting started...
 Starts off slowly and picks up speed as the afternoon wears on...
The boys in my biker "gang:" Tom, Pete, Scott, and Jimmy
Voted him best hair at the party...
A little jewelry shopping...picked up a tiny skull ring for me and a 60th birthday present for my younger sister
(hard to believe she's going to be that old this month)...
I was going to post this as a fashion" don't,"
but if you look this good with your butt cheeks hanging out,
maybe it's okay :)
These bad boys turned into pussycats
when I asked them to pose for a picture.
Too sweet.
Most interesting head wear at the party...
Age appropriate? Sometimes it's a hard thing to do when you're a biker...
Motorcycles line the street for as far as you can see in both directions
Tom is happy to pose for me 
as we get ready to ride to our next destination.

Day Two: Harley of Scottsdale's party

"I have my Harley clothes on...let's party!"

Thinking about those people who aren't here to party with us this year...

Pretty girls throwing trinkets out to the crowd -- doesn't get any better than this for the old men!
The two prettiest girls at the party: Lauri and Peighton
Look at all those old people (or "my people" as I like to call them) out past 9 p.m. on a Sunday night!
Ken is having a great time!
Steppenwolf playing "Born to be Wild" -- the biker anthem

Day Five: CycleFest

Takes place at WestWorld in north Scottsdale
Official AZ Bike Week merchandise can be purchased here
Tom, Todd, and Lauri checking out a bike that's screaming Todd's name.
Hey, it's only $49,000!
One of the favorite biker jewelers
"Okay, I can look away for a few seconds from the motorcycle stunt riders to pose for Gigi."
"I'm ready for my modeling gig, Gigi!"
Handsome daddy with his precious girl
Showing me some attitude!
You may have heard of Paul Yaffe -- a great custom bike builder
Our closest Harley dealer has a tent at the festival.
David (Sheila's husband) with two of his Jack Daniels' models.
He has such a tough job but somebody has to do it!

Day Seven

The Doobie Brothers were fabulous!!
Even with the dusty haze, it was still a good time.

The party continued for two more days...but you get the picture: more bands, more bikers, and more riding along perfect roads with perfect weather and perfect biker buddies.
Come join us next year!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! We went to Street Vibrations in Reno last year, that was a good time! Mostly because Lake Tahoe is so beautiful to ride your bike around!

    =) Brooke

    1. Would love to ride my bike around Lake Tahoe -- one of the prettiest places in the world!