Thursday, March 21, 2013

DIY Headboards

by Sheila
Margo's Beautiful DIY Headboard

My daughter-in-law Margo is a clever crafter with a great eye for design. She also likes to stretch a dollar where she can (don't we all) and she is very good at making cool stuff on a budget. The last time she was in for a visit we were discussing some of our projects and she was telling me about the headboard she had created. She was gracious enough to share her process and even the photos she took along the way.  She used a shower curtain from Target for her fabric choice and covered a large frame available at your local art supply store (Michael's coupon, I'm sure).  She then used batting and stretched the fabric and batting over the edges, stapling it in place on the back. Voila'!

The Target shower curtain - great fabric choice!
Be sure to center your design, as she does here.
Stapling the edges on the back.
The finished product!

I also created a headboard for my guest room. I think I saw something similar on HGTV (I'm addicted).

2 plug-in wall sconces
a piece of plywood cut it down to fit the area (and shape) behind your bed
fabric to cover face of headboard with 2" extra on all sides to cover edges
batting cut the same as fabric
2 x 4 "legs" if you want your headboard taller than the standard 4' height of plywood

saw to cut plywood (or have hardware store cut to size)
scissors to cut fabric and batting
drill to drill holes to mount wall sconces
staple gun and staples to attach fabric and batting to plywood


1. Cut plywood to size
2. Determine desired location of wall sconces. Drill holes large enough to push plugs through.
3. Lay fabric out flat on the floor, right side down. Lay batting on top of fabric.
4. Place plywood on fabric, centering it so 2" overhang all edges.
5. Wrap fabric and batting to back of plywood and staple it in place. Once you complete one side, do the opposite side, pulling fabric and batting taut to create a smooth surface on the front.
6. Determine location of drilled holes and carefully cut a large enough hole through fabric to push plug through.
7. Following mounting directions, screw wall sconce mounting plate to front of headboard, making sure you leave room to fit plug through.
8. Complete mounting wall sconces to headboard, following manufacturers directions.
9. If needed, screw 2 x 4 "legs" to bottom of headboard to raise it to desired height.

The headboard in my guest room with "built-in" lighting.


  1. Both of those headboards look great! I need to make one for my spare room so you're getting me motivated to tackle it!! Edie

  2. I love your headboards... The one made using shower curtains is really amazing!
    Newest follower here (GFC), plz come to visit me ;)
    MammaNene from italy

    1. Grazie Mamma Nene! My daughter-in-law is very good at projects like this. Thanks for following us. We'll check out your site.