Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Travel Packing: Two Weeks, Two Bags, Scotland & Ireland

by Sheila

Dunluce Castle in northern Ireland. We saw Van Morrisson in concert here - Wow!
Yup, that's me front and center waiting for Van to come out!

I've been on the road again. We've just returned from a two week whirlwind tour of Scotland and Ireland. My weather research for packing said cool to cold, so not your typical warm summer travel.  This always complicate things a little.  Warm summer weather is easier to pack for simply because warn-weather clothes and sandals take up less room than boots and sweaters.  As always, the key is to bring items that layer and  work well together.  For this trip I decided to capture exactly what I packed, the activities, weather, and then document what I actually wore.  I am not suggesting that my wardrobe is worthy of the fashion chronicles (we leave that to Heather).  However, I do aspire to be appropriately and comfortably attired with the least amount of excess baggage as possible.  And of course, I'd like to think I pull it together looking good enough.
As I have said before; it's often cool on planes - more so if you are seated by the window.  However it was 96 degrees when we left Phoenix.  I have my comfortable maxi skirt (tencel denim look), a black tank and black mules.  In my carry-on is a long grey cashmere sweater, a large patterned scarf and warm socks.  This was comfortable and I must say looked more "put-together" than many of my traveling companions, many of whom were in baggy sweatpants, shorts, and tight jeans.  Don't get me wrong - I live in jeans, but I find then too restrictive for 12+ hours of flying.  A few other cute outfits I observed included leggings with a long tunic top, and nice black knit (yoga-style) pants with a comfortable top and drapey sweater.
My travel outfit; comfortable for the long haul.

Here is the list of what I brought:

1 maxi skirt (tencel - a soft denim look)
2 jeans (one skinny, one boot-cut)
2 capris (one black, one denim)
1 pr black slacks

3 tanks (one yellow, one turquoise, one black)
2 short sleeved T-shirts (one white, one black)
2 button-down shirts (one white long-sleeved, one black /white check 3/4 sleeved)

4 long sleeved tops (grey tunic sweater, black pullover, red sweater, black/white striped T-shirt)
1 3/4 sleeved red/white striped  scoop-neck T-shirt

3 layering pieces (one long yellow sweater, one black/white anorak jacket, one turquiose hoody)

3 pairs footwear (black mules, black boots, black sport walking sandals)

1 black knee-length raincoat
These are all my clothes, including scarves (lower right) and accessories (small bag, lower right)
The shoes; mostly wore the boots
My rain jacket; we were lucky with little rain, but I would love to have a short khaki trench coat instead.
My shoes in the bottom of my suitcase; tucked other stuff in and around these...
My bag is full but not "expanded".  Undies are in the Eagle Creek mesh bag; that way I know what's clean!
My dressiest outfit; worn only once for an important occassion; a memorial for my mother-in-law. 

Casual sightseeing...
More sightseeing...
Out in Belfast at Fibber Maggees...We danced a few jigs that night!
Laundry day at the VRBO in Edinburgh

Botanical garden touring

I had lots of mix and match and layering options with this collection.  I wore everything EXCEPT the yellow tank top.  That was a little too optomistic (weather) and didn't layer well with other items.  I only wore the red/white striped T once.  I would have liked a short khaki trench coat instead of my black raincoat (a little more summery in a cool climate).  I also could have left the yellow ensemble home and done better with another long-sleeved top in a fun color.  The moral of this story is solid and layering pieces win the day!     

Our trip was great.  We met so many fun, friendly people, connected with some of my husband's family and saw the amazing natural beauty and ancient history of this part of the world.  I can't wait to go back! 



  1. Looks like a beautiful place to visit!
    I always struggle with what shoes to wear for sightseeing! Don't want my feet to hurt, but still want to look fashionable!

    =) Brooke

  2. What a fab trip that will be. Great ideas for packing.

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  4. We are going August 2015. I'm from Florida where it is hot, hot, hot and humid in the summer. Did you find it to be cold in the summer over there? I've heard so much about rain. Did you run into a ton of rain?