Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Shopping with my Daughter

by Sheila

Elliot Luca bag purchased for a mere $29
My daughter, Liz and I recently went shopping for an interview outfit and other fun clothes.  She left her 2 darling daughters home with Daddy and we left to go shopping and out to lunch. What a treat for both of us, and isn’t it great that she picked me for her companion for the day!?
My daughter Liz, blowing bubbles with her two girls, Camryn & Paige
As you may know, my shopping adventures run the gamut and good or bad I have passed this down to my daughter.  She was looking for an interview suit, jeans, boots, and is always on the lookout for cute things for the girls.  We started out at the low end of the spectrum – that would be our local Goodwill store.  If you have a good eye for fabrics you can pretty quickly scan the racks and see if there is anything of interest.  That day she found her jeans (designer at a thrift store price of $19), a cute dress in just her size from Calvin Klein ($12) and some adorable stuff for the girls. Nice to be able to go into the fitting room without the help of your 4 and 1 ½ year olds (although I missed them of course). Oh, and she used the 20% off coupon that she downloaded from their website.  Who knew? Well, I did of course, but isn’t that great?
These are e-mailed out every month in my area
Next stop is the Consignment store; namely My Sister’s Closet in Scottsdale, Arizona.  This store always has a lot of merchandise, many high end designers, and is always getting new stuff!  They have a website, and also furniture and men’s stores as well.  Don’t overlook these types of stores in your area as great places to shop.  I visit consignment stores in other cities as well, and have found some real treasures at great prices.  On this visit I got a great new handbag (Elliot Lucca $29), and a larger travel tote (Hobo $39 – love this brand, both the name and the products!). 
My Hobo patent leather bag - $39
My daughter scored a pair of never-worn knee high boots in brown that fit perfect for a mere $39, as well as a nice J Crew jacket and a pantsuit that look sharp for her interview.  And don’t forget – you can consign things here as well.  I often have a credit that I roll over for new-to-me clothes and accessories. I know some people are kind of uncomfortable with the idea of wearing someone’s previously owned clothes.  Think of the celebrities that wear vintage clothing – to me this is no different.  To say nothing of the garment you are purchasing in the store that has been tried on by any number of people before you purchase it.

The favorite brown boots for just $39 - never worn!

Thrift store dress from Calvin Klein $12

$12 black wedges

Paper Denim Cloth jeans thrifted for $19, Banana Republic top & hoody from our recent Swap Party
Okay, now for regular retail. Just down the road, we head to Scottsdale Fashion Square. We are famished from shopping for all of our great deals and head to the Nordstrom CafĂ© (one of our favorite lunch spots).  We love the tomato basil soup and all of their salads, and this day calls for a Magic Bar (dessert).  Energy restored, we carry on our mission.  She would like to find a few tops and maybe a skirt that complete her interview outfits, and we set out to see what is available.  At J Crew she finds the skirt that is the exact coordinate fabric to the jacket she just bought at the consignment store at 80% off the original retail!  We really could keep going, but she has plans to go out to dinner with her hubby and friends, and so has to get home.
What fun! What deals! What a great day with my daughter!


  1. You picked up some wonderful items.

  2. Try Scottsdale Assistance League.

  3. What nice things you found! Our Goodwills aren't so organized or stocked, but every once in a while you find a real treasure! It's fun to hunt and better when it pays off! Glad you had such a fun time with your daughter! Ana

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