Thursday, February 7, 2013

Shurman on the Hill

By Sheila

Alec and Cortney's House on the Hill
What do you do when you are into music, love to share it with friends, and one of your faves has a gig cancelled in your town? Hire them to play at your house, of course, At least, that's what you do if you are my son Alec, his wife Cortney and their partner-in-crime, Steve.

Alec and Cortney trip the light fantastic while hosting a great party!

Alec read on Shurman's website that their gig was cancelled for last Friday and if anyone needed a band to contact them. He e-mailed them with "my wife and I will put you up at our house, cook for you, pay you (some) money, and my Dad will hook you up with some adult beverages". They wrote back instantly with "you had me at your Dad sells whiskey". An event was born.

A group photo; Alec and Steve front and center

They then invited 100 or so of their favorite people (we made the cut, along with Heather, Ann, and their hubbies). They wisely invited the neighbors. Alec built a stage on the level area of their very sloped driveway, hired a taco truck roach coach for the food, and rigged awesome outdoor lighting. They had some t-shirts made; they live on a hill, hence the "Shurman on the Hill" theme. The music was great, the tacos were spicy and as Pat said "life is good".

Heather, Sheila and Ann rock out to Shurman!

Life is good when your grown up kids include you and your friends in their fun and games and everyone has a good time. Thanks kids!


  1. Your kids sound like they love a good time! That party looked amazing! Couldn't stop laughing when you wrote about the tacos being to spicy... You haven't tried mine you'd need a jug of water..L :) o l:) Have a blessed day...

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