Thursday, January 17, 2013

House Punch List

By Sheila

James Taylor says the Secret to Life is Enjoying the Passing of Time.  My brother says the secret to enjoying your life is learning to like maintenance. I think they are both saying the same thing.

The first time I heard my brother say that, I didn't really get it, but in retrospect, I have come to agree with him. We spend a great deal of our time doing things like laundry, cooking, cleaning which, let's face it never ends. And taking care of ourselves (showering, eating, exercising, etc.).

In addition, there are all those little, or not-so-little items on the to-do list for your home. I first ran across the idea of a house "punch list" in one of Alexandra Stoddard's books. She is an interior designer and author whose books I have read and collected over the years. The idea of a punch list is an ongoing list of maintenance issues that need to be addressed. At first the idea of a random list of honey-do's seemed a little overwhelming. But since I am often the "honey" I realized I like the idea of a master list of things to take care of, helping me organize and even shop for ongoing projects on my list.

Here are few of the things on my current list:
Touch up white trim throughout house
Paint inside bedroom doors
Replace hall sconces (2 1/4 inches from center to side)
Hem closet curtain

When I am at my favorite home improvement stores or shopping online I can check what's on my list, what materials I might need, and I always keep all my measurements here as well. This saves me time and money. The Punch List has become a really helpful ongoing part of me enjoying the passing of time.

Here's to learning to love maintenance...... Or just have a glass of wine and start your list?!

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