Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cooking At Home

By Sheila
As part of our efforts to improve our lives in 2013, we are planning to get better about cooking at home and therefore eating out less.  By "we" I mean me and the hubby, of course.  We both know this will provide better nutrition, less fat and calories and will save us money.  We have pretty chaotic schedules, and we tend to use that as an excuse for not preparing meals at home as much as we could, and we both would like to change this.  Good for our health and our wallet - a win/win.  Now for the hard part - execution.

I know what to do; plan, shop, prepare.  Just like we all know how to lose weight; eat less, move more.  The hard part is the doing.  And while my husband will "help" with dinner or shopping on occasion, the real execution is up to me.  I work fewer hours than he does, so it is a fair trade.  However, years of putting dinner on the table most nights for a family of five has left my creative genius in the kitchen at a standstill.  I've basically had it.  So in order to get motivated I need lots of support and encouragement from my husband.   For example when I say "How does blah, blah, blah sound for dinner",  he needs to say "Fabulous, honey.  Great idea".  Or better yet, "That sounds delicious! How 'bout I make the salad?"  Okay I know I am dreaming, but work with me here.

My first step is to brainstorm a list of dinners we like to prepare at home.  Basic, I know, but too often I stand in the kitchen and all I can come up with is grilled chicken.  Again?  Really?  Is that all there is to eat for dinner?  Also, I really don't  like to grocery shop, so this is another hurdle.  I tend to buy too much so I won't have to do it again real soon, and then I end up throwing away food which I really hate to do.  So I think that basic menu planning with a list is going to be the key for me.  In the words of Nike, "Just Do It"!  I will pick Ann's brain and would be interested in any recommendations you have for easy dinners at home. I can do it!  (Do you ever have these weird motivational conversations with yourself or is it just me?)  Send me your hints, tips, helpful suggestions.  Anything that works for you I am interested in.  Thanks for your input!  I will track my progress and keep you posted.  Don't expect miracles overnight.  Remember, baby steps.

Now, what's for dinner? Ugh! Okay, chin up.  Positive thoughts....just not another grilled chicken! :)


  1. I usually cook for my family Monday- Thursday and then again on Sunday. Friday and Saturday mom has off. It sometimes gets tiring trying to find new recipes to excite everyone's palate. That's the only part of cooking that starts to wear on me.

  2. I absolutely need to cook at home more too! It's so much healthier!

  3. Wow it was if I was writing those words myself! Everyone except the five kids part- I had two! I've realized when you have kids and you are that all important person to everyone. We are very task oriented and suddenly after it all settles down you find yourself winding down and eventually finding the eating out process much easier. It is expensive and the type of food available can be very salty and loaded with calories. We usually go out on Friday night for dinner and brunch on Sunday. I tend to make casseroles that I can get two meals from, baked potatoes that I can reheat and do a fresh meat or poultry item to go with them. I'm real up and down as to how fussy I am about what we eat.
    I make a pork chop that I brown in a pan with olive oil and some sliced up onion. Then I cover the top of the chop with barbecue sauce and put them in the oven at 425 for about 20 min. My husband really likes them a lot and I do the same thing with boneless chicken breast but no onions. They can seem quite different especially if you use a different barbecue sauce.
    I've been working on my husband to be more helpful in the kitchen but he's pretty clueless yet so if he at least puts dishes in the dishwasher I feel I've gotten some help!