Monday, November 12, 2012

Fashion Inspiration

November 12, 2012
by Heather

Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

I have a friend who wakes up every morning, grabs a clean pair of jeans and whatever top is closest at hand, and she's done.  I envy that...but I also enjoy spending the time to put together an outfit complete with accessories.  Sometimes I can find inspiration by just playing within my closet and trying out new ideas.  Sometimes the inspiration comes from fashion magazines, sometimes from what I see on the street or in the stores, and sometimes it comes from adding a new "must have" item to my clothing inventory.

My outfit inspiration today came from a new pair of shoes.  The interesting tidbit is that I did not buy these shoes myself.  I have a husband who never buys me clothes or fashion accessories unless it's from Victoria's Secret online (can't decide if that's because the passion is still alive in our 40+ year marriage or he just likes looking at the pretty models in their underwear ... whatever, I end up with lovely lingerie) and from Sperry (the people who make the Topsider deck shoe).  He was the one who spotted these shoes (the grey wool and cordovan leather heels below) online and showed them to me.  The other shoes pictured are also from Sperry courtesy of my loving husband.

Anyway,  I liked those heels as much as he did, but the price was beyond what I would normally spend for an everyday shoe (a whole blog post could be devoted to those maximum price points in our heads) so I decided against buying them.  Surprise, surprise when the shoes showed up on our doorstep several days later.  Gotta love that guy.

So now that I had new shoes, I needed to put together an outfit for them.  At some point, I will hit the shops in search of just the right pieces, but in the meantime, I surveyed my wardrobe for some items that might work with these interesting shoes.  Here is what I came up with:

Shoes: Sperry, grey cape-sweater: Nordstrom, grey pants: Loft, tan and grey plaid blouse: Ralph Lauren, purse: Ralph Lauren, watch: Michael Kors, hat: Nordstrom, wood and gold bangles: Ralph Lauren, set of 3 brown and gold rings: Michael Kors

I also have to tell you that the hubby was extremely disappointed that the photo shoot would not include the Victoria's Secret purchases.  Gotta love that he lives in that fantasy land.

With what would you pair those shoes?  And from where does your fashion inspiration come?



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